Friday, November 27, 2015

Welcome to Second Wind!

Second Wind Consignments will help you turn your gently used furniture, and household items into CASH!

Don't spend money on advertising...
Don't waste time waiting around for no-shows...

Just drop your treasures off at the shop and we'll do the rest!

Consignment Policy
Consignments are accepted Tuesday through Friday during regular business hours. Appointments are required so please call ahead. We will take up to 20 items per consignor per week. If you have furniture or large items, please email us a photo so we may pre-approve them:
A contract must be completed before items are accepted. We will also make a copy of your driver's license or identification for our file.
The consignment period is 90 days, and consignors receive 50% of the final selling price after the first 50 cents. Payout checks (*) are mailed no later than the 10th of the month for account balances of $10 or more generated from the previous month's sales. (**)
If an item has not been sold at the end of 30 days, the price is reduced by 10%. If the item has not sold at the end of 60 days, it is reduced by another 15% (total discount: 25% off the original price).
Any item remaining unsold at the end of the 90 day contract period must be claimed within 14 days of the contract expiration date or it will become property of Second Wind Consignments. Unsold, forfeited inventory may be sold at a twice-yearly sale and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to a charity of local interest.
We reserve the right to refuse to consign any item which does not meet our requirements.
Exceptions are at our discretion.
(*)All payout checks will be mailed to the address on your account. Please make sure your information is kept current if you have a change of address. We will be happy to issue a replacement for a check not received or lost. However, a stop-payment fee of $20.00 will be charged and deducted from the replacement check.

(**) Holiday decor items (i.e.Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc...) will be donated two weeks after the associated holiday without further notice.

Generally, the following items ARE accepted:
Furniture in exceptionally good condition
Home Decorating Accessories and Candles (never lit)
Lamps, Lampshades and Throw Pillows
Artwork, Mirrors, and Silk Flowers
Kitchen items (dishes, utensils, cooking pans, etc.)
Everyday Dishes and Glassware (in sets, please)
Jewelry; Clocks and Watches (that are running)
Kitchen and Table Linens
Musical Instruments
Throw Rugs that are clean and show no wear
Books (sorry, no mass-market, pocket paperbacks)
Marine Hardware and Boating Accessories
Garden Decor and Equipment

Generally, the following items ARE NOT accepted:
Clothing or Shoes
Bed Linens including Afghans, Throws and Bedspreads
Personal Care Appliances
Toys, Crafts, Kits, Fabrics, Patterns and Macramé
Collectors' Plates, Figurines or Shot Glasses
Unframed Artwork or Posters
Large Area Rugs or Window Treatments
TV's, Stereos and Computer Hardware
Metal Office Furniture
Used VHS, DVD, or Cassettes
Exercise Equipment
Stamps or Coins
Avon or Liquor Bottles
Florists' Vases
Travel Souvenirs