We know you will have questions before you consign for the first time. Here are some that we've been asked before:

Q. How many items may I bring on the day of my appointment?
A.  Please bring us up to TEN of your best quality items for consignment. 

Q. Do you have storage tubs I may use?
A.  YES! We would be happy to loan you a storage bin. Just stop by the shop and pick one up before your appointment. If you choose to use your own bin, it will not be returned to you.

Q. I just leave the bin and someone looks over it later? 
A. Drop-off bins are tagged and processed in the order in which they are received. (We are usually processing bins dropped off 7-10 days prior.) We may take a few minutes to cull visible items that we know we will not consign. Otherwise, we will ask you if you would like to pick up items we don't accept, or if we should donate them to a local charity. If you want them back, we will send you an email after we have finished processing your bin. Our storage is limited. Return items will be held for only two weeks before they are donated.

Q. Does the 10 item limit include jewelry? 
A. No. If you have jewelry, please separate it from the rest of your items and put it in a sealed zip-type bag. Your bag may contain up to 12 pieces.  Jewelry is processed separately by our jewelry specialist.

Q. Is a set of 6 wine glasses counted as one item?
A. Yes. A matched set that will be sold for a single price is considered one item.

Q. Are lamps without shades okay or would it be better to send with shade even if shade is not in great condition?  
A. Lamps without shades are accepted. We will not take a shade that is not in excellent condition. We often have separate shades that we will try to pair up with lamps. The lamp will be tagged “Shade Sold Separately”

Q. Did you say small kitchen appliances like blender; crock pot, toaster are acceptable just make sure they are clean? 
A. Yes. Small appliances in working order are accepted as long as they are exceptionally clean (like new).

Q.  Although not planning to fit into a bin, do you accept furniture- is it worth photographing (sofas/ chairs)? 
A. If you have furniture or other items that are too large to fit in a bin, please do take photos and email to us at Teri@secondwindconsignments.com. We will get back to you asap so we may help you avoid the effort of bringing in items that we cannot take. 

Q. If I have Christmas jewelry, should I put some in my bin now? 
A. Please see the "Holiday Decor Guidelines" tab on our website home page to determine when we will be taking holiday items. If your appointment is not within that date range, we will ask you to bring holiday items/jewelry back at a later date.

Q. May I make an appointment by email? 
A. It is best to schedule your appointments by calling the store: (410) 867-0480, or when you shopping are at Second Wind. 

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